At Number1 we’re proud of the fact that we have been continuously recognised for excellence by the world’s leading search engines. Our team consistently displays knowledge, competency, authority and credibility, which is recognised by Google and Bing. As such we are proud to be accredited partners.

Below are full details of our accreditations: 


Google partners badge

Google Partner

The Google partner badge is a platform for digital marketing agencies to display that they have passed the criteria Google requires to achieve the partner accreditation.

The criteria to become a Google partner consists of several individuals qualified on Adwords, a minimum total spend on Adwords and for the company to display they are using the best practices for their clients.

Here at Number1 we have achieved the Google partnership through having a number of qualified individuals on our PPC team.

Bing Ads Accredited Professionals

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Bing accreditations are similar to that of Google, an exam that is sat by a member of the company to get the Bing Accredited Professional badge. 

Within the company we have qualified professionals that have passed this exam; this allows us to display the Bing accreditations badge on our website.

Adwords and Analytics Certified

Adwords and Analytics Certified

Being both Google Adwords and Analytics certified shows that Number1 exhibits a high level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism in both of these crucial search marketing fields.

To become certified for Adwords and Analytics a designated number of employees need to have passed exams to demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords, and show in-depth knowledge of both digital analytics and Google Analytics.

Number1 is proud of its employees achievements and their continued desire to learn and improve, bringing their knowledge to bear and benefiting our clients as a result.