Travel - an SEO success story

When it comes to SEO in the travel sector… the world and its niche is your oyster!

The Travel Sector

Typically dominated by dynamic aggregators and big brands you've got to get yourself noticed in the areas that really matter to you. When the monthly high demand keyword terms enjoy six figure search volume in the UK alone you know that you are in a world full of visibility opportunities.

So what characterises the sector:

  • High levels of competition - major brands, carriers and aggregators all competing across many keywords
  • Over 75% of people use the internet to research potential holiday destinations and activities
  • Increasing levels of confidence culminating in over 50% of holidays now being booked online
  • Extensive room for achieving long tail niche terms
  • A sector catering for impulse and advanced planning purchases alike
  • An increased demand for creating unique escapes with personalised itineraries

The role of SEO

How can your SEO be effective in the travel market:

  • Focus on what you do best - and concentrate on your niche
  • Understand who you are competing with for your target key terms
  • Challenge yourself to do what they are doing but even better
  • Provide the information that users are actually looking for - and make it easy to find
  • Be a source of useful information - improve your perceived authority in your chosen market
  • Use attention grabbing fully optimised images
  • Make your content engaging and sharable
  • Understand what phase of the journey your visitors are at and tailor your pages to suit
  • Ensure your website fast, mobile friendly and easy to use
  • Build trust - give the user exactly what they want and they will come back

How Number1 can help

We work from a multiple goal approach. Firstly we look to raise the visibility of your site for individual keyword terms of value to your business. At the same time we work to improve the overall visibility within your area of expertise. Targets can be set around ranking positions and traffic levels, although the need for quality always comes before quantity. Once visibility is achieved we work hard to ensure that this interest is turned into visitors. Visibility is good but click-through and interaction is the key to success - after all, an engaged visitor is a potential customer.

We use our experience to focus your optimisation efforts, ticking the boxes that need to be ticked, adding value where it is needed, cleaning your links profile and using Google approved practices to raise awareness of what makes your site so good.

Understanding your business and knowing where to place emphasis and what your desired potential customers are actually looking for is the key to success. If you improve your authority and provide relevant content, Google will find its way to letting the world know it's there. SEO is a steady push to make your business the most relevant for your prospects and customers.

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