Financial services is the most competitive sector online according to Google so what strategies can you employ to win? 

The Sector

When 4 of the top 5 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords for 2014 were financial services terms, you know the sector is ultra competitive.

So what characterises the sector 

  • Increasing levels of competition - major brands are competing for top spot more than ever
  • Search volumes are up - search queries are increasing year on year
  • Increasing costs - with the increase in competition comes an increase in cost per click
  • Top positions - the cost per click can be excessively high for the brands wanting to achieve the top position consistently - not always necessary...
  • Competition from within - Google advertising their own price comparison tools below ads in some sectors

The role of PPC

How can your PPC be effective in the financial services market:

  • Make the landing pages work hard - exceptional CRO
  • A high quality score is important - manage down your per click costs
  • Test, test, test. - get the most out of every visit
  • Remember the value of remarketing - if a customer doesn't take a quote immediately, it doesn't mean they have been lost forever
  • Targeting the long-tail keywords
  • Optimise the tools provided - Ad extensions for example
  • It is not all about the pc, laptop or tablet - Mobile search volume is a growing
  • Build trust and share it
  • It's not all about the sale today - understand the lifetime value of a customer

How Number1 can help

Our absolute focus is always on measurable goals – usually conversions. Click through Rates are largely irrelevant, what matters is getting the right potential customer to click on the ad' and then transact (whatever that transaction might be)

We take advantage of all of the opportunities presented by Google in a hugely competitive market to ensure you maintain the correct level of visibility (this is important) in the search results and acquire new customers without simply increasing your bids.

Even in the most competitive markets, there are techniques to improve the process of competing; you just have to choose your battles carefully.

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What our clients say

What sets Number1 apart from the crowd is their attention to detail and analysis skills, combined with their understanding of our business and the market sector.

Mike Adams, RISK & Safety Management Services Ltd