Meet the team

Adam Tuson - Managing Director
Adam Tuson
Managing Director

“Hello, I’m Adam. MD at Number1. Before setting up the company, I spent 20 years as a senior marketing professional for businesses like LloydsTSB, Universal Pictures and Santander. Those years gave me real business insight into online and offline sales, and marketing campaigns.

“I’ve been lucky enough to help all sorts of organisations develop and get on - FTSE 100 companies as well as SMEs working in insurance, travel, engineering, professional services, charity, film and music.

“It’s a varied background and I believe it allows me to help your website get more valuable traffic, more business and more profit. If you think we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via or on 01580 211 937. Good luck with all your online marketing activities and I hope we can speak soon.”

call: 01580 211 937
Dan Frost - Chief Technical Officer
Dan Frost
Chief Technical Officer

“I’m Dan, Chief Technical Officer. I set up Number1 with Adam after a good few years at the Daily Mail and General Trust Group. Working there helped me build not only the technical expertise that’s needed in this industry, but also a personal competitive streak that I’ve always had in making a success of things I created – websites among them.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to win industry awards for projects I initiated and led, like an Interactive BAFTA and a Microsoft ‘Best Use of ICT’ award. But it’s in the real business world that I like to be judged, helping you make the most of your online presence.

“The technical side is ultimately down to me, and I’m confident in what I’ve learned and achieved over the years. Working closely with companies like yours, facing real-world challenges, I’ve seen how you can operate most effectively online. Let’s talk some more at or on 01332 929 281.”

call: 01332 929 281
Andy Neal - Technical Support Manager
Andy Neal
Technical Support Manager

“Hello, I’m Andy, Technical Support Manager. I started working with Number1 as PPC Manager in January 2012. I was previously Head of Design at Associated Northcliffe Digital, before going on to run my own design business. I now manage a team of developers delivering projects internally and to clients.

“Knowing my way around the business, I also support the broader Number1 team as needed on SEO and PPC programmes, as well as Drupal theming, development and configuration, reporting, hosting and client health checks.”

James Gibson - PPC Manager
James Gibson
PPC Manager

“Hi, I’m James. I first started working at Number1 on a 14 month placement whilst I was at university, during which time I got lots of experience across all the SEM channels; PPC, SEO, Mobile and Social Media.

“After graduating, I returned to Number1 to become PPC Manager, responsible for the running of all PPC campaigns. Studying didn’t finish with leaving university and I am now an Adwords, BingAds and Analytics qualified professional. At Number1, we regularly manage campaigns across the key media channels of Google Adwords, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook.” 

Jon Sharman - SEO manager
Jon Sharman
SEO Manager

 “Hi, I’m Jon. I’ve been with Number One since 2014 and I’m responsible for all of our SEO activity. This ranges from co-ordinating manual link building campaigns, right through to ensuring our clients’ sites are fulfilling their maximum level of site indexation.

“I’ve been involved with SEO for nearly 10 years, covering a wide range of fields. Before that, I was an entertainment journalist. With a real passion for content – and because I love a good challenge - I decided to switch from interviewing the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Colin Firth to pursuing a career in pushing great content up the Google rankings!”

Chloe Greener - member of the SEO team
Chloe Greener
SEO Team

“Hi I’m Chloe, SEO Campaign Administrator. I joined Number1 as a business admin apprentice 4 years ago. Since then, I’ve completed my Level 2 Business Admin apprenticeship.

“My main responsibilities now include SEO campaign management, manual link building, Google Adwords, managing domains, Google+, Google Local and the creation of all SEO reports at Number1.”

Alex O'Reilly - Junior Web Developer
Alex O'Reilly
Technical Team

“Hi, I’m Alex, web developer. I’ve been with Number1 since December 2013, starting out as a web designer for the SEO team.

“I’ve since moved to the web development team to work on website development, Drupal and internal projects, and to assist the PPC team with Google AdWords, BingAds and Google Analytics tasks.“

Oakley Waldron
Technical Team

“Hi, I’m Oakley – a web developer for Number1. I started my career at Number1 when I became an apprentice web developer in June 2015.

"Since then I’ve gone on to use Drupal on a daily basis, along with assisting team members in developing and theming websites. Additionally, I also assist the PPC team by creating ad banners and creative."

Josh Spencer - member of the PPC team
Josh Spencer
PPC Team

“Hi I’m Josh, I started my career with Number1 as an Apprentice PPC Campaign Administrator working with James and the PPC team.  I spend a lot of my day analysing campaign performance implementing changes based on the agency’s approach to campaign development”  

Zac Richards - member of the PPC team
Zac Richards
PPC Team

“Hi I’m Zac, PPC Campaign Administrator. I first started working for Number1 whilst on a 12 month work placement through Sheffield Hallam University.  I help the Technical Team on some of their projects but my main responsibility is the day to day management of a number of our client’s PPC campaigns.”

Ross Jephson
SEO Team

“Hi I’m Ross, SEO Campaign Administrator. I joined Number1 in early 2016. My background is in digital and traditional marketing but having found that I had developed a passion for content and organic, I decided to pursue a career in SEO.

“My main responsibilities include Link Building, Keyword Research, Content Optimisation and Monthly Reporting.”

Catherine Mellor - member of the SEO team
Catherine Mellor
SEO Team

“Hi, I’m Catherine and I joined Number1 as an apprentice in June 2014. Since then, I’ve worked on Google+ for clients, analysing trends in Google Adwords and learning the most effective way of manual link building.

“I’ve also learnt more about basic SEO techniques. My main responsibilities include link building for our many different clients, Keyword Research and completing the Weekly Ranking Report.”

Debs Grosvenor - HR Manager
Debs Grosvenor

“Hi, I’m Debs and I look after HR for Number1 as well as the other Digital Dynamix companies.  As a growing business my two main areas of focus are recruitment and training - I spend a lot of my time supporting the recruitment of new team members as well as developing the management training  programmes for the team.”

Roger Purdie - Financial Controller
Roger Purdie

“Hello, I’m Roger, Financial Controller for Number1 and the other Digital Dynamix businesses. I do all the stuff you would expect and also help in the development of some of the joint venture agreements”  

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