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Posted on:1 June 2015By:Jon Sharman

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Travel SEO

Why is SEO so important for travel?

In recent years, a fair number of surveys have shown that more than 50% of holiday bookings are made online, and even more do their holiday research using the internet. Competition is high, major brands with deep pockets are competing so your click-through rate must match your conversion rate to make any strategy profitable. This means that great SEO is a must when it comes to succeeding in the travel sector.

Being there for the browsers

Although PPC ads are generally more targeted and are aimed at people on the cusp of buying, what about those potential customers who are simply looking for inspiration or a choice of options? The chances of popping up on the radar just as they are about to make their actual purchase, although theoretically possible, is minimal. That is why you need to make them aware of your presence much earlier on in their journey (if you'll pardon the pun). Great SEO helps make this happen.

As stated earlier, the internet is now the 'go to place' where prospective holiday- makers research where they want to go on their next holiday. They want feedback, reviews and enough information to satisfy all their potential queries. When spending such a large amount of money they want their purchase to be an informed one. The days of popping into your local high street travel agent and filling your bag with a tree's worth of destination catalogues have gone for most people.

A measured multi-layered strategy

These days authority and quality of content is king but all that cannot be achieved without being backed up by the right amount of Search Engine Optimisation, to ensure that Google & Co think as much of your website as you do. By applying a measured multi-layered strategy including technical, on-site and off-site SEO you can put your website in front of prospective customers who are looking for the types of information and holidays you have on your website.

Keeping it clean and successful

We have found that by pursuing a clean, quality build approach (that adds real value to our clients' websites) we have steered clear of all of the pitfalls that most of the BIG tour operators have fallen foul of in the past few years.

Even though you may not have been able to see obvious signs with the naked eye, most of the big brand tour operators have been hit by Google penalties for pursuing optimisation techniques that have fallen foul of Google's guidelines. As a result of this they have lost traffic from a large quantity of high value / conversion search terms. Not one of our clients has been hit with a penalty and all have enjoyed front page visibility for their targeted phrases.

Targeting the whole business

Our techniques cast a net far and wide, taking in locations and holiday types and although certain keywords are defined as KPIs, and are the focus of our campaigns, we take great pride in working to promote all areas of strength and enhance the visibility of the website as a whole. Higher visibility means more visitors, more visitors (landing in the right places) means more opportunities for conversion and that is what any travel firm wants.

Proven travel credentials

Number1 search marketing have a proven track record of providing successful SEO in the travel industry and as such can deliver people to your website who are looking for the types of holidays you have to offer.

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