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Why is SEO so important for travel?In recent years, a fair number of surveys have shown that more than 50% of holiday bookings are made online, and even more do their holiday research using the internet. Competition is high, major brands with deep... more
Does your business rely heavily on converting visitors directly from the research phase of the customer journey? If so, it is worthwhile ensuring that your website is 'mobile friendly'. The days of mobile results mimicking those of desktop are now... more
Rather than competing with the throng of bloggers eager to share their thoughts on BrightonSEO straight after the UK’s most popular SEO conference, we decided to hang back and consider our thoughts a little before highlighting what stood out.The... more
When anyone mentions cannibalisation, you can be excused for instantly thinking of a group of bloodthirsty natives with bones through their noses preparing a huge cooking pot for an unfortunate explorer who has wandered into the wrong village. Those... more
Penguin 4.0, the latest link based algorithm update from Google, is apparently imminent. We say apparently as Google announced it last year and rumours of its release have been spread almost on a weekly basis. Google has metaphorically been using it... more
Many people come looking for an SEO agency when they are unable to understand why their organic traffic levels are no longer what they used to be. No matter how hard they look they can’t quite figure out why a previously good performing channel has... more
Duplicate Content presents a challenge to Search Engine Optimisation for a number of reasons which we will go into later in this article.Picture yourself embarking on a journey to another city, you have no idea where to go, what do you do? You get... more