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Posted on:1 May 2015By:James Gibson

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PPC - insurance industry

How can advertisers get the most from their paid search activity in competitive markets such as insurance?

The insurance industry is an ever growing and evolving sector on search engines, with major brands competing for the top spot across all markets. With the increase in competition comes an increase in cost per click, meaning converting the most clicks is more important than ever.

Search volumes for insurances are increasing year on year, being effective in these markets is crucial to keeping the cost per conversion down. Here are a few tips to ensure you are getting the most out of each click:

Landing pages/Ads

  • Continuously testing and improving your landing pages help to improve the amount of conversions per click, whether these are small scale changes such as a button colour change or a complete re-design, AB testing for this element is essential to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Quality score is key in an expensive market, with it being so closely linked to the cost per click, ensuring your ads and landing pages are highly relevant to each other helps to lower the cost per click and improve your profit margin.
  • With the top position on Google being the most expensive, ad extensions help you to gain better visibility on Google, whether these are site links, call out extensions or seller reviews, all assist in improving the click through rate of your ads in the lower, cheaper positions.


Remarketing which can sometimes be annoying for the customer, but very effective for the advertiser can be an efficient method to get you back in front of the customer. You're also able to set a re-marketing campaign to trigger 11 months after a quote submission, ensuring you reappear when their insurance is up for renewal.


Although long-tail keywords typically have a low search volume, this means they have a low cost per click and because they are highly targeted, tend to lead to a better conversion rate. Having long-tail keywords as part of your campaign can give you a cheaper way of achieving good quality conversions.

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