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Tricky question.  I’m sure you’ve heard the question, “How long is a piece of string?”. Well that’s how long a PPC Campaign can take up.How do you set a time limit on PPC campaign management, when there are so many issues to take into account?Just... more
Have you set up your first Google Adwords PPC campaign yet? It won’t be long until your friendly Google Account Manager will be in touch to help you spend more money.Not been in touch with you yet? Don’t feel unloved they will be soon.Yes they are... more
How can advertisers get the most from their paid search activity in competitive markets such as insurance?The insurance industry is an ever growing and evolving sector on search engines, with major brands competing for the top spot across all... more
Well, in principle, very little.  You just need to be technically competent enough to manage your Google Adwords or Bing Ads control panels, and away you go.Right?  Well, actually No.Setting up a PPC campaign without prior knowledge can be a bad... more
PPC advertising is a great way of driving highly relevant visitors to your website and creating new customers, but only when it is done right.Being a Google Adwords Certified Partner, we often take over accounts that have made common PPC mistakes.... more
A PPC campaign is an option open to most online businesses who are looking to generate traffic to their website. However, ‘who should look after this activity’ is a key question that should be carefully considered before jumping right in and paying... more
Are you thinking about handing over your in-house PPC account to a PPC agency? Or moving from one agency to another?Before deciding on an agency you should always make sure they’re right for you. Below are 10 questions we regularly get asked by new... more