10 important questions to ask your new PPC Agency

Posted on:15 June 2016By:James Gibson

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Are you thinking about handing over your in-house PPC account to a PPC agency? Or moving from one agency to another?

Before deciding on an agency you should always make sure they’re right for you. Below are 10 questions we regularly get asked by new PPC customers. 

1. How are your PPC management prices calculated?

The management fee varies from agency to agency. Some work on an agreed fixed monthly fee and others charge based on your monthly spend.

At Number1 we base our pricing on the amount of hours we will put into your campaigns. We will usually give you an estimation based on the size of the campaign, but it’s completely up to you how many hours you want us to work to.

2. Is there a minimum contract length?

Many other agencies will try and tie you into long term contracts (6 to 12 months); this can be risky if you’ve never used PPC before.

We have a rolling 30 day agreement as we’re confident enough in our ability not to have to tie you into a long term contract.

3. Will I have access to the PPC account?

Some agencies build their own account, to which they may not give you access, meaning you cannot see the results. The downside of this is should you wish to leave them, they may make you start from scratch in a new account.

At Number1 we either build on what’s already there, or create an account in your name so that you effectively own the account. Should you ever wish to terminate our contract, you can take that account with you. We always provide our clients with access to the account too, this means you’re able to monitor performance as often as you like.

4. Are your PPC team members AdWords Certified?

Being AdWords certified gives you a stamp of approval from Google demonstrating that you know what you’re doing. Each one of our PPC analysts are AdWords certified. With the knowledge this qualification brings us, we are confident we can give you the highest quality of service available. 

5. Who will be working on my campaigns?

Just because you have been speaking to the PPC manager it doesn’t mean they will be the ones working on your account, it could be delegated to a junior member. 


Here at Number1 we have a dedicated team across a range of SEM areas. We believe that every one of our dedicated team is capable of making a big difference to your campaigns. And did we mention, all of our PPC team members are AdWords qualified?

6. What software do you use to manage your PPC campaigns?

Most PPC agencies use bid management tools; this means that they’re not actually doing much work on your account.

At Number1 we do all of the hard work manually, this ensures a human is in complete control of your account and the way we manage ensures you get the lowest cost per conversion possible.

7. How often do my campaigns get reviewed?

We’ve taken over many PPC campaigns which were setup and forgotten about.

At Number1, we review campaigns frequently, from daily to weekly depending on the focus of the business and the traffic volumes. We follow a strategy that is custom made around your account so you get the most out of your PPC campaigns. 

8. How do you measure success?

Clicks, impressions, click through rate and cost per click are largely irrelevant.

We measure success depending on the goal of our client. The most common ways we measure success is by increasing the amount of goals the client has set. 

9. How often do I get progress reports?

When you’ve invested a lot of money into PPC you need to see where your money is being spent.

We believe that no client should be left in the dark with what is happening on their accounts, that’s why at Number1 we produce custom made reports on what is important to you. We show you all the important metrics without confusing you with any unneeded jargon in an easy to read, professional report. We produce reports for our clients once a month, comparing against the previous months/years data, also we inform you of any important information when required. 

10. Do you work with multiple platforms?

Some agencies only work with Google, but Google isn’t the only platform that offers a significant opportunity.

We have experience with working over a number of platforms from Facebook advertising to BingAds. When doing a review of PPC accounts we always consider other platforms to advertise on and the benefits this would bring to the company. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions you would like to ask. 

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