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Unbalanced, negative content gained prominence in SEO rankings for brand terms.


A high profile media outlet published negative content that ranked number 2 in Google for the clients brand term. To give an immediate response to the issue, PPC techniques were employed to push negative content further down the page and SEO techniques were used on websites which carried more neutral and balanced content to promote those above the negative content.

SEO activity was also carried out on the client site to generate site links to push negative content even down the page.


As part of the process, a broader footprint was established for the brand in terms of presence on social networks and other related sites driving traffic and increasing brand awareness. These platforms themselves then were part of an SEO campaign to increase their visibility.

Despite competing with an extremely well established media brand (which carried the negative content), we were able to promote our own content and assets above the unbalanced content and contain the spread of the content onto other channels.

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