A membership organisation in the travel sector


The client team wanted a fresh set of eyes on their search marketing programme. Whilst business volumes were good, they recognised that search marketing and the website could work harder. This led to a review of the commercial offer, the customer propositions and how it was communicated and how overall site visibility could be increased. We also looked specifically at customer acquisition, retention and commercial models.


The starting point was to clarify the organisation's commercial objectives and those specific to this channel. With that in mind, we delivered a detailed 'health check' of online marketing (search marketing) activity and the infrastructure used to support it. As context, we also looked at other membership organisations and how they presented their offer.

We carried out extensive analysis based on client supplied data and industry standard tools as well as tracking software to better understand user journeys.

The review considered the range of activities underway, looked at the tools in place and the efficiency of the money spent to provide management with the confidence that 'what needed to be done was being done'.


The guidance and recommendations provided as part of the review process were used to help the in house team develop and improve, where required, all facets of the search marketing programme.

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