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As a significant player in their niche sector with a proven track record, the client could expect to rank well – they had historically ranked in the top 5 positions for the main search terms relevant to their business. This historic 'base' level of rank was not being achieved since the launch of the new website.

There were significant technical issues with the website and lack of keyword / content focus. Although the business relied heavily on PPC, even more so with the loss of rank, the existing PPC campaign was unmanaged and the space had become far more competitive.


Unfortunately the customer had been badly advised by their web agency and when the new site went live, SEO rank was lost.

We audited and identified the technical issues on the site and in parallel went back to first principles with a detailed piece of keyword research to identify the relevant keywords. The sector had become more competitive so it was more difficult to recover rank so it was important to "fight battles we could win" by targeting less competitive, yet commercially valuable keywords.

To fill the gap left by the loss of organic traffic, we re-appraised the PPC campaign. We created a more targeted campaign that reflected the highly competitive nature of the sector. After six months of testing and analysis, this was handed-back  to the customer so they could evolve it.


Developed and implemented a tactical PPC test campaign to generate new business whilst the SEO rank covered. On completion and review of the six month programme, developed a search marketing programme informed by the results and designed to further improve organic rank thereby delivering new business.

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