Reputation is key to business

News has never moved faster. It gets read, shared and repeated. Instantly and constantly. That's a huge advantage to any organisation if the news is good. Potentially catastrophic if it's bad.

Not all publicity is good publicity!

Sometimes through no fault of your own, you or your business can be hit by bad publicity online. It's out of context and out of proportion, but it's doing damage.

So we can offer a steady hand to help restore a fair balance to your commercial reputation.

We'll share our experience and insights into online behaviour and customer reaction, and help with positive content and search marketing techniques to make sure your name maintains the respect it has earned.

How we work

We'll help you by:

  • Using legitimate and ethical methods to produce honest and representative web content;
  • Working to steadily move the good publicity above the bad in online search results;
  • Being realistic and honest about how long it takes to see the benefits;
  • Providing regular, plain-speaking reports to show you our progress.

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