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To deliver the right blend of search marketing services that help online customers find you easier, we get to know you, your market and your goals. Understanding your business is key to achieving success.

Our focus is on outcomes that bring commercial gain: transactions carried out, contact forms completed and so on - not just counting the clicks.

Our services

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): improving your website's position in the search engine rankings; helping direct potential customers straight to the content you want them to see.
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  • Pay per click (PPC): a proven way to raise your profile in a new market, get response from a new call-to-action, and see conversions and meaningful outcomes, while retaining control of your marketing spend.
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Should you use SEO or PPC? Both have distinct merits in bringing more visibility and business to your website. But it's best to bear in mind that, although SEO and PPC work independently, at times they work together very well. It all depends on your unique situation.

Complementary services

  • Strategy development: a plan, a route, a real direction. We share all we know about devising a strategy that takes your e-commerce activity forward logically, responsibly and profitably.
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  • Reputation management: unwarranted negative online publicity puts you on the back foot. We'll show you how you can continue to step forward with confidence and composure.
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  • Social: if appropriate, harnessing the power of Social Media and one-to-one engagement to give your search activity a purposeful, personal edge.

Let's talk about the right way ahead for you.

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Why work with us

  • Strategically focused search​ marketing
  • Results-driven campaigns which deliver profits
  • Experience in a broad range of sectors
  • Clear and simple pricing
  • Jargon-free reports

What our clients say

Number 1 provided Lingoo with a clear SEO strategy with identifiable business goals. They are knowledgeable and easy to work with. I recommend them highly.

Peter Goldstein, Lingoo